Customer parking at the new Neath Leisure Centre


You can register for a parking permit for free parking whilst visiting Neath Leisure Centre. You must be a member of Celtic Leisure and be using Neath Leisure Centre to park for free. If you are utilising the pay as you go then you must pay using the methods below.

Parking will be managed by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council via an app called MiPermit or on their website – click here

Please click on this link  and follow the instructions to join. You will need your membership ID or card number to apply. Your application will then go into a holding area.  This will be processed and checked against our database for a valid membership type, and you will be emailed confirmation of acceptance or rejection with reason for rejection.

Once you have received confirmation email you will need to use your email address and temporary PIN number to log in and change your password. You will then be able to use the MiPermit website or app to check in at the car park. You need to check in each time you visit Neath Leisure Centre. Details below.

Please contact customer support on 0300 365 5566 if you have any questions.

Car Parking FAQ’s

Where is the parking for the new leisure centre?

Customers parking is in Neath multi-storey  car park off Prince of Wales Drive, Neath SA11 3EW opposite Neath Civic Centre and next to Wilkos.

Is parking free?

Direct Debit gym and Aqua Academy customers who are using Neath Leisure Centre can park free of charge whilst using the facilities.

The first 3 hours of your stay is free of charge, however, to obtain this free stay you MUST register your arrival either –
via the MiPermit App
Via this website – you  must be logged in to see the free location 804204
at reception at the Leisure Centre
or ring MiPermit on 0345 520 7007 and select option 1 to check in.

If you are not using the leisure centre facilities, you will need to pay for your parking – please see the tariff boards and pay on exit – click here

Parking can also be prebooked on the same day. This does not guarantee a space.

How does MiPermit work?

To book a parking stay, customers will need to use MiPermit app or website and the following location number: 804204. This is only visible to authorised and verified Celtic Leisure members who are using Neath Leisure Centre. You can also use any of the options above.

Once a MiPermit account has been created, customers can download and use the contactless MiPermit app  to check-in at the multi storey car park.

Does the system cover the whole of the car park?

Yes, this system applies to the entire car park at Neath Multi Storey – any floor.

When does this apply?

You have a 10 minute maximum grace period from when you park your car to when you must have entered your details onto the system.

The whole car park is a chargeable car park – please see the tariff boards for charges and how to pay.

What are the opening times of the Car Park?

The car park will be open 5.45am to 11.00pm Monday to Saturday and 7.30am to 8.30pm on Sunday.

No entry or exit of any vehicles when the gates are locked.

Do I need to enter my details every time I visit?

Yes – Each time you use the leisure centre customers must use the MiPermit app to register your free stay or ask at Reception. If not using facilities parking charges apply.

Can I get free parking more than once a day?

If you want to use the facilities in the leisure centre more than once a day you can do so but there must be at least a 3 hour gap between the end of your previous session. Therefore, somebody entering the car park at 8am would be allowed to park until 11.00am but would not then be entitled to another free parking session until 2.00pm. A maximum free parking time of 9 hours is possible.

Can I extend my time?

Yes you can add on extra time. Use the app and select pay to park and look for car park 704204 or ring Mi Permit on  0345 520 7007, select option 1. Extended parking is payable.

I drop my children to Activity Sessions / Clubs what do I need to do?

You have a 10 minute maximum grace period from when you park your car to when you leave the car park to allow for drop-off and pick-ups.

You can park for free for up to 3 hours, but this free stay must be registered using the Mi-Permit system.

If you need to stay longer than 10 minutes you must enter your details on MiPermit.

If I enter my registration number wrongly what will happen?

You must ensure that when you add your registration number you are checking that it is correct before taking part in your activity.

If you think you made a mistake as you entered your details, please enter them again to ensure we have the correct details on our system.

Penalties will be issued for any vehicles parked that are not registered.

What if I am not visiting Neath Leisure Centre?

You will need to pay for your parking – please see the tariff boards and pay on exit or via MiPermit – the car park reference for paying customers is 704204 –  click here

Is a parking space guaranteed?

No, parking spaces are not guaranteed.

The nearest alternative car park is Rosser Street located opposite the entrance to the multi storey. They offer online booking and payment – click here – car park reference 704213.

Who is enforcing this car park?

The Car Park is owned and enforced by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and is covered by the current Parking Order.

What do I do if I receive a penalty notice?

Full instructions of what you need to do are included on the penalty notice.

Can I leave my car overnight?

You can leave your vehicle overnight subject to the relevant parking charges.

This car park is locked overnight from 11.00pm Mon – Sat and 8.30pm on Sunday, excluding bank holidays.

No entry or exit of any vehicles when the gates are locked.

My child attends swimming lessons, do I get free parking?

Yes, as long as your child is registered to Neath Leisure Centre for the lessons.

What happens if need to change my details ?

You can enter your car registration details on the app on each check in.

What happens if I cancel my gym/ swim membership ?

Cancelling you direct debit membership with Celtic Leisure will result in cancellation of your parking permit.

Disabled Parking

There are four free disabled spaces near the entrance to the leisure centre (Wind Street taxi rank opposite Boots). There are also disabled bays within the Multi storey which are payable. Both are on a first come basis and cannot be reserved.