What is a strike?

If you are a Celtic Leisure member and book into a goup exercise class or health suite session and do not attend or cancel your session by 6pm the day before you will receive one strike. To avoid a strike, it is essential to swipe your Membership Card every time you visit a centre so that your attendance can be registered against your session. You can swipe your membership card at the main reception desk.

All sessions can be cancelled the day before online via our website or on the Celtic Leisure App.

How many strikes are you allowed before you receive a booking penalty?
If you receive three strikes in a 30 day rolling period you will receive a booking penalty.

What will the penalty include?
The booking penalty will prevent you booking any sessions in advance, bookings can be made on the day of the activity online. Bookings can still be made at the main reception desk at each centre on the day of the activity.

How long will the penalty last?
The penalty will last 7 days and will automatically be removed from your account when it expires and the strikes set to zero.

Will I be notified if I have a ban on my account?
You will receive a message on your screen when you try to book.

For further information, please contact reception.