MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT – The First Membership instalment and joining fee must be paid in advance using Cash or Credit/Debit Card.

ANNUAL PAYMENT – When applying for an Annual Subscription,11 months will be payable in advance. When applying for a half-year subscription, 6 months will be payable in advance. The following payment methods are accepted – Cash, Debit or Credit Card.


1) Membership fees are non-refundable. *
2) Membership does not include the use of a locker.
3) Membership cards are issued to all current members and must be used to gain entry every time a visit is made. Entry may be refused without a valid membership card.
4) Membership cards are not transferable and any use other than by the member will result in cancellation of that membership with no refund available.
5) CL reserves the right to refuse any application for membership or withdraw any membership in the event of failure to comply with membership conditions and centre regulations. When you sign and submit this form to CL, this does not mean CL has accepted your request for membership. Acceptance of your membership request will take place as described in clause 6 below. If CL is unable to supply you with the services, CL will inform you of this in writing and CL will not process your membership request.
6) All memberships are a legally binding contract between the applicant and CL and represent a commitment to pay all monthly membership fees. These terms will become binding on you and CL when CL issues you with a written acceptance of your request for membership, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and CL.
7) After three months, you may cancel your membership at any time giving CL a period of one further payment of notice of your termination. Cancellation of membership must be in writing or you can email your request to cancel@celticleisure.org. Cancellation of membership must be sent to your Bank/Building Society. Verbal communications are not accepted.
8) CL is not liable to refund any monies should the receipt of cancellation/amendment not be received by CL and/or Bank/Building Society. CL will provide a receipt of acknowledgement which must be received before membership is cancelled.
9) CL reserves the right to review monthly membership fees at its discretion and direct debit payments may be increased accordingly. The member will be given 10 days notice of any proposed increase.
10) The fitness membership programme and members benefits may be varied from time to time and may vary during special events and functions.
11) CL reserves the right to vary membership products. Conditions and admissions are subject to compliance with the Leisure Centre and fitness rules.
12) CL may revise terms from time to time in the following circumstances; changes in how CL accepts payments from you and changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements.
13) If you lose your card, please ring 08000 43 43 43 to cancel your card. A replacement card will be issued, and an administration charge may be applied.
14) Customers joining the pre-paid scheme must complete the process fully by making at least a six-month payment. Failure to complete this process will render the customer liable to pay standard ‘Pay & Play’ Membership and Induction fees before further use of the ‘Pay & Play’ scheme.
15) Cancellation of any membership by either party will result in Pay & Play centre membership needing to be reapplied for, should you wish to continue using the facilities on a Pay & Play basis.
16) Outstanding account arrears will be payable before reinstatement of any membership scheme run by CL.
17) Discount levels are discretionary and may vary from time to time, particularly if HMRC regulations are reviewed.
18) Discounted monthly direct debit payers are required to show proof of eligibility and thereafter every 12 months. Notification of change in circumstances must be made. Failure to do so will result in membership being revoked. Once CL has begun to provide services to you, CL may cancel the contract for services at any time by providing you with at least 10 calendar days notice in writing. If you have made any payment in advance for services which have not been provided to you, CL will refund these amounts to you.


In exceptional circumstances, you can ask to suspend your membership – the decision will be at the discretion of CL. All applications must be put in writing and supported by requested documentation to the Membership Department, Aberavon Leisure & Fitness Centre, Princess Margaret Way, Port Talbot, SA12 6QW or e-mail to cancel@celticleisure.org


All centre rules must be adhered to at all times, failure to do so will result in your membership being cancelled.


1) CL cannot be held responsible for Facilities not being available, to a material extent, for a continuous period of two weeks through circumstances beyond its control. If any Facilities are unavailable for a continuous period of more than two weeks members shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of their membership fees in respect of the period of unavailability above the initial two weeks and the nature of the unavailable Facilities.
2) Members warrant and represent that they are capable of engaging in a routine of exercise provided by any programme which they follow, or class which they attend and that such exercise would not be detrimental to their health, safety, comfort and physical condition. Members may not exercise while either injured or under medication prescribed by their doctor without first obtaining the prior approval of such doctor.
3) CL will compensate you for any loss or damage you may suffer if it fails to carry out its obligations under this agreement or to a reasonable standard or breaches any duties imposed on it by law (including if CL causes the death or personal injury to you by negligence) unless that failure is attributable to:
(i) your own fault.
(ii) a third party unconnected with CL’s provision of the Facilities under this agreement; or
(iii) events which neither CL nor its suppliers could have foreseen or forestalled even if it had taken all reasonable care.


1) The applicant will be responsible for monitoring his/hers own physical condition throughout the exercise programme and that should any unusual symptom/s occur he/she must immediately refrain from any further participation in the exercise programme until otherwise instructed and inform the Instructor or other member of CL Staff of the nature of the symptom/s experienced.
2) The applicant declares and warrants that the information given by him/her in answer to the Health and Fitness Questionnaire is complete and accurate and that he/she knows of no reason whatsoever unless otherwise declared in answer to the Health and Fitness Questionnaire why he/she should not participate in the exercise programme prescribed however strenuous. The applicant will notify CL of any changes to his/her physical condition which renders the replies to the Health and Fitness Questionnaire incorrect in any respect by immediately informing a CL Instructor of any changes that have occurred. The applicant enters into the exercise programme entirely at his/her own risk. The applicant will not deviate from the prescribed exercise programme (except as provided for in the programme itself) in any manner (unless the changes are less strenuous than the prescribed exercise programme).
3) The applicant warrants that all such questions as the applicant may have regarding the exercise programme have been answered to his/her satisfaction and that the applicant has read this agreement in its entirety, understand it’s contents completely, has taken all such independent advice on it as he/she wishes and accepts all of the terms and conditions in it.
4) The applicant will comply with the rules relating to the use of the fitness suite, swimming pool and other facilities. This will include the cancellation, either in person or by telephone, of all fitness class bookings that the member is unable to attend by providing CL with a reasonable cancellation notice period before the class.
5) Failure to comply with any rules relating to the use of the fitness suite, health suite, swimming pool and other activities within the reasonable direction of CL or any of their employees in connection with such or otherwise behaved in such manner that it was, in the opinion of CL, acting reasonably, inappropriate for them to continue to utilize the fitness suite, health suite, swimming pool and other facilities and that there will be no refund of any fee or charge in that situation.
6) CL reserves the right to suspend membership for a period of time without refund. All activities are ‘Subject to availability’.
7) This contract is between you and CL. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms.
8) If CL fails to insist that you perform any of your obligations under these terms, or if CL does not enforce its rights against you, or if CL delays in doing so, that will not mean that CL has waived its rights against you and will not mean that you do not have to comply with those obligations. If CL does waive a default by you, CL will only do so in writing and that will not mean that CL will automatically waive any later default by you.
9) Each of the paragraphs of these terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.
10) CL may transfer the personal data which we hold on you and all of our other rights and obligations under these terms to Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council (or any other person within the EU at the Council’s request). CL or the new organisation will always notify you in writing if this has happened.
11) These terms are governed by English Law. You and CL both agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


CL will use the personal information you provide to us to (a) provide the services; (b) process your payment for such services; and (c) inform you about some of the products and services that CL provide. You may stop receiving these at any time by contacting us or via your membership portal.


CL is a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 9519616 and our registered office address is at Aberavon Leisure & Fitness Centre, Princess Margaret Way, Port Talbot, SA12 6QW. Our registered VAT number is 801369744. You may contact us by telephoning our Customer Service Team on 08000 43 43 43 or by emailing us at directdebits@celticleisure.org If you have any questions or if you have any complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Where Membership Fees are taken in advance and Members circumstances change that prevents the Member from utilising the benefits of Membership, CL will consider refunding pre-paid memberships on a case by case and pro-rata basis.