If you’re aged 11-15 and would like to keep fit and meet new friends,  why not Sign up to an NG Fitness Membership?

As a NG Fitness member, you have will have access to specific gym sessions, public swim sessions and selected exercise classes too, all to help keep you fit and healthy plus the chance to socialise and meet new friends!

How to Sign Up

Step 1.

Your parent or guardian must give permission and complete a health questionnaire on your behalf

Step 2.

Check out our NG Fitness opening times, and pool an exercise class programmes online or in centre.

Step 3.

Sign up to an NG Fitness membership by visiting us in centre!

NG Fitness Opening Times


Exercise Classes

As an NG Fitness member you can book a wide range of exercise classes. These are split into three areas;

Which raise your heartbeat and help you get fit and active.Which target specific areas of the body to tone and build muscle.To help improve core strength and flexibility.