Prepare for a workout you’ll never forget, with Les Mills Virtual classes.

With Les Mills Virtual, you get a wide range of classes suitable for everyone, whether you’re looking for high-energy workouts to get lean and toned, or dance influenced workouts to keep you moving and get your heart racing.

Les Mills Virtual provides fun, frenetic and fast-paced classes with some of the world’s best instructors, complete with chart-topping, fist-pumping music to get your body working at its best. With virtual classes, flexibility is combined with quality, so you get the highest level of instruction at a time that suitable for you.

The studio is equipped with the latest Les Mills Smart Kit. Designed to be both beautiful and simple to use, the room features a stunning sound and lighting system to create a motivating environment to exercise in.

We offer more than 40 virtual classes each week including: BODY BALANCE, BODY COMBAT, BODY PUMP, SH’BAM & CXWORX.

These 5 classes cover all your fitness requirements from High Energy Cardio to Toning and Relaxation An instructor will coach and encourage you through scientifically proven workouts.

There is a new release of the class every 3 months, with a mix of the latest music releases, providing the motivational sound track to your fitness journey.

New to Group Fitness?

If you’ve never done a group fitness class LES MILLS Virtual can be a great place to find your feet. With amazing instructors, up close and personal on the big screen you can get familiar with the choreography and perfect your technique in your own space – and then you’ll be hooked!

Les Mills Virtual Timetable