Learn to Swim Academy

Here at Celtic Leisure, we offer Swimming Lessons to cater for all ability levels, ensuring that we deliver the highest standards of teaching. Our Learn to Swim programme offers a comprehensive range of lessons from your baby’s first experience in the pool through to competitive swimming, lifesaving skills and Adult Lessons plus much more.

All of our lessons are delivered by Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA) qualified teachers, run for 50 weeks of the year and you can join at any time.

The Learn to Swim programme maintains a focus on ‘teaching the correct aquatic skills’ to help the children develop the skills they need to become competent swimmers. Children are guided from the Starfish awards to get babies and pre school children started and progressed through to the ‘Learn to Swim’ programme, where they are taught more advanced techniques.

The Awards support the Learn To Swim Pathway. Covering all ten stages of the syllabus, the colour-coded badges and certificates have been designed to reward and encourage children to learn the core skills of each individual award stage, as well as ensuring that they have fun in aquatic sport.

Celtic Leisure works in partnership with the Celtic Dolphins Swimming Club which currently has over 500 members and is proud to be associated with the success that the Club has already achieved.

Introducing Home Portal

Our Home Portal allows our Learn to Swim academy to be delivered in a simpler and more effective way, by using electronic registration and assessment.

As part of the Home Portal, our Swim Teachers are now using Tablets on poolside to record each child’s attendance and progress, which parents/guardians can then view through the Home Portal.

Download the guide below on how to register for our Home Portal.

Parent Portal Guide

How do I enroll my Child onto Swimmng Lessons

If you’d like your child to start in our Learn to Swim Academy, please contact the centre on 08000 43 43 43 and a member of our reception team will help you.

From time to time, you may be added to our waiting list until a space becomes available, as our lessons are extremely popular.