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What else we’re doing

Spaced out

We’re being creative in how we use our spaces, to provide the best customer experience in the current situation.

We’ve adapted and re-purposed studio spaces, sports halls and outdoor spaces, so we can serve larger groups of exercisers safely.

Safety first

We’ve provided our team with comprehensive Health and Safety training prior to opening, provided PPE where necessary and installed protective reception screens for everyone’s safety.

Squeaky clean

We’re increasing our cleaning regimes at the start and end of each day and in between each session.

We’ve also removed some equipment and reduced touch points wherever possible, to ensure our cleaning and sanitising regimes are as safe as possible.

And we’ve invested in professional deep cleans of all our centres, in readiness for your safe arrival!

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Gym and Fitness ClassesLane Swimming
Click or tap to read the latest guidance for staying safe in our gyms and fitness classes.Click or tap for everything you need to know about getting back in the water safely.



To keep everyone safe, we’ve made changes to some of our facilities

Toilets and hand washingChanging facilities and showersLockers
Our toilets and hand washing facilities are open as normal, with hand sanitising stations also available throughout our centres.For gyms and fitness classes changing facilities and showers will not be available, please arrive exercise-ready and shower at home afterwards. For all swimming sessions, shower at home before arriving beach-ready to undress at the side of the pool, however showers will be available after your session.These are NOT available. We advise only bringing a pre-filled water bottle and mat if required. Swimmers can remove and store their top layer of clothes in a bag on poolside to minimise time spent in changing facilities prior to the session.
HairdryersCaféVending machines and water fountains
These are NOT available, so please dry your hair at home.Our Place cafés are NOT available, so please bring snacks and pre-filled water bottles with you.Our vending machines and water fountains are NOT available, so please bring snacks and pre-filled water bottles with you.
Seating areas and Lost PropertyLeaflet timetables
These are NOT available, so take extra care with your belongings and leave the centre as soon as your activity has finished – including in between sessions.These are NOT available. Access timetables via our website or app instead.

Safety FAQs

What if I develop Covid-19 symptoms or feel unwell before or after a visit?

Should you feel unwell, test positive or develop symptoms of Covid-19 before or after a visit, please refrain from using the leisure centres and follow the latest government advice.

Can I wear a face covering when visiting?

Gyms and leisure centres are indoor public places so you will need to wear a face covering when you enter our centres and you will need to keep it on depending on what you are doing. If you are preparing to exercise, changing or undertaking any activity that isn’t strenuous, especially when in close contact with other people, you will need to wear a face covering.

However, there may be circumstances where the layout of the premises and the nature of the exercise you are doing mean that it would not be reasonable to expect you to wear a face covering.

The World Health Organisation advises against wearing a face covering when exercising as sweat can make a face covering become wet more quickly, making it difficult to breathe and promoting the growth of microorganisms. It advises the important preventative measure during exercise is to maintain physical distance from others.

Can I bring a towel to my gym session or fitness class?

Yes you can bring a towel for personal use, but please use the cleansers provided to wipe down equipment.

How are you protecting your staff?

We’ll be providing staff with PPE where we have risk assessed it is appropriate to do so. We have worked closely with local trade unions to put our staff’s safety at the centre of our restart plans, and we are confident in our teams’ and customers’ safety.

How will ‘Test, Trace, Protect’ work?

We will adhere to government guidelines laid out with regards to ‘Test and Trace’. Where requested, we will provide attendance data should contact need to be made by authorised parties. We will act in accordance with all GDPR requirements.

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